TxCell carries out its IPO on the Euronext Paris, raising €16.2million (€5.58 per share), in April 2014.

TxCell develops personalized T lymphocyte cell therapies for inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. ITI invested in the company, a spin-off of Inserm, in 2008.

Damian Marron, CEO of TxCell, comments: “TxCell’s Initial public offering on the Euronext Paris represents a major milestone regarding the acceleration in the development of the company and its new generation cellular therapies. On behalf of the entire TxCell team, I would like to thank our longstanding shareholders, Bpifrance and all those who have come onboard our innovative and unique project to help us change the lives of thousands of patients with inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, who are refractory to current treatments.”

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